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Pubblicità Informazioni e Release Notes del file: WinRAR 6.11 beta 1 Ultime News

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1. Added support for Gz archives with large archive comments. Previously the extraction command failed to unpack gz archives if comment size exceeded 16 KB.

2. Archive comments in gz archives are displayed in the comment window and recognized by "Show information" command. Large comments are shown partially.

Previous versions didn't display Gzip comments.

3. Reserved device names followed by file extension, such as aux.txt, are extracted as is in Windows 11 even without "Allow potentially incompatible names" option or -oni command line switch. Unlike previous Windows versions, Windows 11 treats such names as usual files.

Device names without extension, such as aux, still require these options to be unpacked as is regardless of Windows version.

4. Switch -mes can be also used to suppress the password prompt and abort when adding files to encrypted solid archive.

5. Additional measures to prevent extracting insecure links are implemented.

6. Bugs fixed:

a) if password exceeding 127 characters was entered when unpacking an encrypted archive with console RAR, text after 127th character could be erroneously recognized as user's input by different prompts issued later;

b) wrong archived file time could be displayed in overwrite prompt when extracting a file from ZIP archive. It happened if such archive included extended file times and was created in another time zone. It didn't affect the actual file time, which was set properly upon extraction.

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